Lyle Lynch

"A great place for a events. Attend GLOW YOUTH CONFERENCE in May . It was a great time to see God move."

Corey Baker

"It looked to be a pretty good place.  From the sound of it nice music system too."

Andrew Mackey

"Wonderful barn, beautiful property."

Sandra Wrightenberry

"Yes, Five Star - TEN Star wedding event venue. You had made the right  choice when you choose the Adaumont Farm in NC. Got to LOVE it!
World Class Wedding Venues"

Sherri Howard

"Absolutely stunning views everywhere.  Being horse people, the use of  space was unique...allowing us to remember the history of original  building while creating a formal space for events.  Beautiful!"

Amber Beal

"Breath taking venue!! Been to a lot of weddings and different places and  this was chart topping. The stable was the best part! They turned it  into at banquet area. The porch was also gorgeous as you watched the sun  set over the pond and pasture. Amazing!!"