Amenities & Buildings

The Barn

The  richly styled Barn includes a Reception Area, 2 Kitchens, Restrooms,  Mezzanine, Sitting Areas with comfortable chairs and sofas indoors and  an abundance of outdoor seating beneath the covered porches. There is a  Stage and a private Band Room to accommodate performances of all kinds. 

The Pergola

The  Pergola and Stone Patio provide the perfect backdrop for an outdoor   wedding ceremony or special gathering. Everywhere you turn the views  are  incredible. Overlooking our 30 acre lake and sprawling pasture  there isn’t a better place to watch the sun set or gaze at the stars.  The vast lawn provides ample space for ceremonies of all sizes.

The Bridal Suite

Our  beautiful Bridal Suite includes a Bedroom with a floor length mirror, a  tall hanging rack for dresses, a large private restroom with multiple  sinks and mirrors, and a separate lounge area with comfortable seating  to relax with friends and family. This is an ideal space for the entire  bridal party to get ready in style.

The Hunting Lodge

Our  Hunting Lodge is the perfect Groom’s Lodge, or location for a casual   reception or dinner. The perfect spot for a southern style barbecue or a  low-key place for the groom and his party to enjoy. The Lodge has 1200  square feet of handsomely appointed indoor/outdoor space. The inside is  comprised of comfortable seating, a kitchenette, and a private restroom.   Outside gives prominence to a covered pavilion with oversized picnic  tables, a vast stone fireplace, a rocking chair porch complete with a  swing, a built in grill and access to the skeet shooting range and  sporting clay course. This is truly a great, low-key space!

Target Shooting

Target  shooting is not only good practice, it can be fun competition  and an  excellent way to become thoroughly familiar with your shotgun  while  honing your shooting skills. Shooting also presents an excellent  opportunity for corporate team building and can be a viable source of  fund raising via charity shoots. Sporting clays probably presents the  truest hunting scenarios and can be extremely challenging.  Shooters  walk a course and stop at different stations- Clay targets are thrown at  varying angles and speeds at each  station to simulate the flight of  birds and, in some cases, running  rabbits and squirrels. Adaumont Farm  features a 10 station manual  course.  In skeet shooting, two traps  inside “houses” – one “high house” and one “low house” – throw clay  targets. There are multiple stations placed in a semi-circle between the  two houses. Shooters rotate between stations. Adaumont Farm features  automated high/low towers.